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our first amazing adventure together!

So, as I mentioned a few times in yesterday’s post: I’m going to Italy. I’m going to Italy in 13 days, actually. M and I will be there for 21 days and it is going to be AMAZING. Check out my itinerary and tell me if you can disagree:

July 17: Fly from Ottawa to Rome to meet M (who is flying to Rome form Vienna)

July 18: Arrive in Rome and fly the same day to Malta, Malta

July 20: Fly from Malta to Catania, Sicily to see Mount Etna and other amazing things

July 22: Train from Catania to Cosenza

July 23: Train from Cosenza to Pompei

July 25: Train from Pompei to Rome

July 29: Train from Rome to Florence

July 31: Train from Florence to Venice where we stay on the resort island to the east of central Venice

August 4: Train from Venice to Bologne where I will spend mybirthday 🙂

August 6: Train from Bologne to Pisa

August 7: Fly back to Ottawa from Pisa

So, of course it looks like there’s a lot of travel time, but the majority of the train rides are only a couple hours long so they will not take up a whole day – plus, we are going first class everything so maybe we will just looooove hanging out on the train 🙂 There are also a couple day trips planned, like the ferry to Capri Island (below) which, from my google-ing of picture, looks like the most gorgeous place on earth.

This is the first of many great amazing adventures for M and I. We have only done tiny trips up to now – like Montreal and Quebec City. We will be doing a Las Vegas/LA/Grand Canyon trip this coming February and of course our big Thailand trip next June after I visit the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Originally I was also going to join him in Chile this coming December but timing wise I felt that it would be too short and I really want to explore. My dream before I die is to visit Machu Picchu in Peru…

In checking out his planned itinerary, I noticed that he is planning on going there from December 11-24. A little bitter? Yes. I’m more than bitter. Who the hell does that? He wouldn’t even know it existed if it wasn’t my dream to go there once before I die. How am I supposed to get that magical experience if we go and he has already been. I think it’s truly unfair of him to go without me…any thoughts? I know that I sound like a spoiled princess – I mean, I’m sure very few peoples travel dreams actually get to come true. But this was a reality until I made a grown up decision and said we should do a longer trip another time…he agreed. So maybe I’m just a little bit confused about his logic in going there and taking my dream away from me? There is nobody else that I want to experience that magical place with.

Anyways, enough of my rantings 🙂 I’m super excited about the trip I have coming up in less than two weeks – I’ve already made a spreadsheet of everything I want to take and bought a bright orange suitcase!

I want to win the lottery and spend the rest of my life exploring the world via 5-star hotels and never have to work – ever.