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steak and shoes, anybody?

So, I just went to the mall and the grocery store and spent a lot of money that I don’t actually have 🙂 Jacob had a 50% of everything sale which was hard to resist and I walked out with three new shirts and a bunch of underwear for under $60. Then, sadly, I went into Le Chateau to help my mother find a suit and fell in love with the shoes below – I had to buy them for my trip to Italy.

There was really  nothing I could do to stop myself from buying them. Hopefully I planned this shopping well enough to have money left for Italy.

Anyways, following the mini shopping extravaganza, I went to Loblaws and bought a huge steak which I’m now cooking on the BBQ with asparagus and corn on the cob. I really just wanted to rub that in M’s face since he left for London yesterday – abandoning me here in Ottawa for the rest of the summer.

Speaking of dinner, I’m pretty much set to eat. All that’s left is to pour a nice glass of ice water (maybe some wine if I feel so inclined) and enjoy!

Happy summer Sunday  🙂



I suffer from chronic bitchface.

This is the story of my life.

Please write yourself, Mr. Thesis

Well, I shipped M off to NYC for the next few days. I’m very jealous of him, getting to go to all these fancy conferences. But I’m unbelievably excited for our 21 day adventure in Italy this summer…and it’s only a few  months away!

It’s pretty convenient that M should be leaving today, because my Thesis is due on Thursday and I have yet to start writing…I did just write a pretty impressive outline though; I’m very proud of myself. I think the fancy title makes it seem a lot cooler than it actually is. I’m worried though, being able to write 30 pages in 36 hours? Not really sure how that’s going to work out for me. I’m hoping that because I know everything that’s going on the words will just flow from my fingertips to the screen hehe

Anyways, this is a short note, I’ve decided to get back into blogging because it seems like an interesting thing to do. A good way to procrastinate too…

I’m off to write my night away with the help of my beautiful little bunnies and my pooch ❤


Spring Illness

So, as I sat down at the Keg tonight for a steak dinner I realized that I felt a cold coming on. Over the course of the meal I got worse and worse to the point where I now can’t talk without pain and my glands are swollen.  My right sinus is completely plugged and it’s the worst when your nose is runny!  It got me thinking about the man cold.  Mainly because, as a girl, I get sick about once a month when my immune system is slightly compromised.  Every month, and I always forget why. Anyways, like I said, it got me thinking about the man cold.  Most of the guys I know get sick like once or twice a year at most and I wonder, why is it so damn painful when they are sick? And it’s true, urban dictionary confirmed it for me, so did YouTube.  Here’s the dill:

Man Cold: The name ‘man cold’ disguises the true terrible, debilitating disease that is the man cold. Nearly all men will die from man colds unless they are administered immediately with large amounts of mindless TV such as daytime TV, or childrens’ cartoons. It is essential that they not move from bed or a comfy sofa to allow for rehabilitation, and must have tissues and man cold medicine (such as chocolate biscuits, McDonalds, or a nice cup of tea) brought to them constantly by a nearby female. (ie. ‘Either i have meningitus, end stage brain cancer, or a man cold’).

Thank you, Julia Child.

Last night, after we ate my delicious Butter Sautéed Chicken for dinner and my delicious chocolate mousse, I decided that my interest in cooking is not all lost.  After my last run-in with a shitty recipe resulting in rock hard dark chocolate mousse and crappy sunken chocolate cake, I thought my chances at good cooking and baking were lost! After watching Julie&Julia on Saturday night with HT I drowned myself in Julia Child’s cookbook and post-its are now every where.  I picked all the recipes in the movie that I want to make plus a bunch more.  I am super excited to cook and eat them; expanding my palette.

Today, I slaved away from 3:00pm – about 7pm making the master piece from the movie, Boeuf Bourguignon.  And, even though I hate cooking with wine, I hate smelling the wine in my food, I really, really enjoyed the beef and veggies.  Now all I have to do is learn how to multi-task so I can serve more than one dish at a time heheh 🙂  Googling pictures of it just now made me feel a lot better about presentation. You know how deceiving movies can be.

Anyways, so I ate my beef and mushrooms and onions, then I sat and ate the rest of my chocolate mousse right out of the big bowl, so yummy.  Now I’m going to go dust and refresh my living space and hope that I’ll sneeze less.