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My perspective on things…most likely full of negativity and bitterness.

I knew this would happen…

So, the departure of HT to Europe, and the beginning of my new exciting summer job plus a million other excuses that I could dream up have caused me to fail at keeping a blog. I knew this would happen for those reasons, as well as the known fact that I can’t keep these kind of “logs”. It’s just too weird. It also seems a little futile considering the people in my house are the only ones that read it and since they live with me they already know the deets.

So, English 1000…The first and definitely not last English class in my university career.  I have a full two pages of the titles and authors of every story I’m going to read in that course. TWO PAGES. At least it’s interesting stuff, the way these artsies pull apart and analyze literature.  The lectures are far from boring and I get to read “fun” things that aren’t science related without sacrificing school time.

On the front of my real studies though: I finally partitioned my hard drive and put Ubuntu on my laptop.  This will hopefully make my programming future easier.  Hopefully. I also loaded it on my ‘work’ computer so that my life could be easier.  They really do need to have like, a “how-to” book for linux though.  They can’t just go assuming us n00bs know how to do everything.  I just spent 2+ hours trying to install Protégé Ontology Editor on my damn laptop and it just hates me.  It’s installed (properly, duh) and everything but seriously it just doesn’t work.  I’m a n00b and the kids in my lab are pretty much ALL geniuses.  Makes me feel dumb.  But at least my worst enemy (who’s not actually at all my worst enemy in real life) helped me.  Progress is being made on the social front, people.  I have two dates this weekend, and one the following weekend.  Two of which are drinking gatherings.  Shocking.

Well if there is some random person in this universe that can help me with my Protégé problem of nothing showing up in the window when I create a new ontology, who also happens to be reading my blog (unlikely), then tell me how to fix it…preferably before I make a fool of myself at the lab tomorrow or the next day 🙂 THANKS



Spring Illness

So, as I sat down at the Keg tonight for a steak dinner I realized that I felt a cold coming on. Over the course of the meal I got worse and worse to the point where I now can’t talk without pain and my glands are swollen.  My right sinus is completely plugged and it’s the worst when your nose is runny!  It got me thinking about the man cold.  Mainly because, as a girl, I get sick about once a month when my immune system is slightly compromised.  Every month, and I always forget why. Anyways, like I said, it got me thinking about the man cold.  Most of the guys I know get sick like once or twice a year at most and I wonder, why is it so damn painful when they are sick? And it’s true, urban dictionary confirmed it for me, so did YouTube.  Here’s the dill:

Man Cold: The name ‘man cold’ disguises the true terrible, debilitating disease that is the man cold. Nearly all men will die from man colds unless they are administered immediately with large amounts of mindless TV such as daytime TV, or childrens’ cartoons. It is essential that they not move from bed or a comfy sofa to allow for rehabilitation, and must have tissues and man cold medicine (such as chocolate biscuits, McDonalds, or a nice cup of tea) brought to them constantly by a nearby female. (ie. ‘Either i have meningitus, end stage brain cancer, or a man cold’).

15 Proven Tips for Insomnia…

So lately I’ve been having a hard time sleeping.  A really hard time.  For example, tonight, I went to bed at ~12:30 and it is now 2:28am and I still can’t sleep.  I decided to google it and in this search I found this site, which basically tells me that everything I do when I can’t sleep is wrong:

  1. RETINAL STIMULATION – make it a point to go outside and stimulate your retinas (eyes) for about 15 minutes a day with sunlight. This “full on” light exposure can help restore your body’s natural sleep/night cycle, also known as the “circadian rhythm.” Looking straight into the sun is never a good idea, but being in an area where you receive the full brightness of the sun around you is what’s recommended.
  2. NO NAPS – Avoid naps during the day. If you sleep during the day, your body may not be as tired as necessary to get to sleep at night.
  3. COOL ROOM – Keep the temperature in your room cool and comfortable.
  4. WAKING ACTIVITIES – Don’t participate in waking activities while in bed, like watching TV, eating, talking on the telephone, texting your friends, or using your laptop. Remember, bed has traditionally been for sleep. Train yourself to limit your bed-related activities, and your body will begin to associate your bed with sleepiness. Reading in bed is different. Reading can help you focus your mind, especially if what you read is boring. Save the murder mysteries for daytime and pick up a boring book for sleep. Reading in bed is an age-old trick for quickly getting to sleep.
  5. GO TO BED AT REGULAR TIME – There’s no easy answer to the problem of being too tired during day-time and not tired enough at bed-time. Nonetheless, most experts agree that it is most helpful for you to go to bed at a regular, planned time. If you need to sleep more, it’s better for you to go to bed at your regular time and get up earlier. With time, your body should re-adjust and give you the hours you need. Be careful about driving or operating machinery when not fully rested, though. If you feel tired to the point of losing visual focus, you should definitely not be operating heavy machinery – no matter what. When not sleeping well for a period of time, ask someone else to drive you to work, if you can.
  6. DON’T EXERCISE (<3 HOURS) – Don’t exercise within three hours of trying to fall asleep – this raises the heartrate. Slow stretching on the other hand might be just what the doctor ordered to get your body slowed down and feeling good.
  7. DON’T EAT STIMULATING FOODS (<3 HOURS) – Don’t eat stimulating foods within three hours of trying to fall asleep – lying horizontally interrupts digestion and may cause heartburn. Also, eating high fat and carbohydrate foods might help make you groggy and help you fall asleep, but calorie-conscious people may need to weigh the benefits of such an approach to insomnia.
  8. AVOID STIMULANTS (<2-3 hours) – Avoid all stimulants such as caffeinated and nicotine in cigarettes. Caffeinated products include coffee, tea, sodas, and especially colas. Even some aspirin or other headache remedies often contain caffeine! “Energy drinks”, Mountain Dew and a wide variety of other “energy bars” or supplements often contain a high amount of stimulating products. Check your vitamin and other supplements to make sure none of them are stimulating as well. (Look them up on an Internet search engine if you are unsure.) Check labels to see if products like aspirin are in any other product you take before bed. It is a surprise to many people to learn that even cigarettes can be stimulating when you are tired. Stay away from all these substances if you want a good night’s sleep.
  9. AVOID LIQUIDS. (<2 HOURS) – many people are just simply drinking too many fluids before sleep. Parents with bedwetting children learn to curtail all liquids about 2 hours before sleep, thereby allowing the child’s body to void excess liquids about 30-60 minutes before actual bed-time. Well, adults have the same pattern of voiding as children. If liquids are taken before sleep, those liquids create an urgency to urinate that can awaken the adult. While that adult usually has enough bladder control to get to the bathroom, they often do not have the ability to get back to sleep. Stop drinking before sleep, and see if you stop waking up to urinate.
  10. WIND DOWN (<90 MINS) – 90 minutes before you go to bed, wind own your day and don’t participate in anxiety-inducing activities like checking your mail, email or even watching the evening news.
  11. WRITE DOWN CONCERNS (<30 MINS) – Spend a few minutes before bed at night writing down your concerns and stresses, then hopes or things you’re thankful for, so that you can give your mind a rest while you are sleeping.
  12. CALMING MUSIC/SELF-HYPNOSIS – Listen to calming music, white noise, self-hypnosis or a “brain recalibration” tape for sleep. Such tapes are scientifically designed to help you “reset” your brain and calm down. When developed by researchers rather than marketers, they are remarkably effective. Just be sure to buy your brain recalibration audios from reputable sleep companies, and not slick marketing companies.
  13. GET UP IF YOU CAN’T SLEEP – If you can’t fall asleep after 15-20 minutes get out of bed.
  14. AVOID BRIGHT LIGHTS – if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep within 30 minutes, get up but avoid as much light as possible. Light will only stimulate your brain’s day/night balance (circadian cycle). Avoid computer-based hypnosis programs just prior to going to bed for the same reason. The light emitted from a computer screen is intense. Any strong light is more likely to stimulate and wake your nervous system.
  15. REDIRECT NIGHTMARES/BAD THOUGHTS – If you have a nightmare or stress-inducing thoughts, focus on a different ending. Write down your nightmare, or tell someone else about it to stop the continual thoughts.

I can say that I manage to do the exact opposite of about half of these 15 tips.  In reading them, though, they’re all pretty logical which is interesting.  I think that my issue is I have nothing to do. I’m done school? I’ve never been done my term so soon.  I’m anxious and nervous about the busy summer but I’m looking forward to being so mentally exhausted that I can’t keep my eyes open.  I’ve been trying to get to sleep for so long that I’m now completely starving.  I think my body has switched night to day, so maybe I need to use Nyquil or something to sleep at the right time.  I wonder if this happens to other people? You’re so bored and your brain is so completely unstimulated that you can’t sleep? I’m finding that my lack of learning lately has caused me to not be able to focus.  Like when I’m reading instructions, in a cookbook or something, I have to read it maybe 10 times to fully absorb what it’s telling me to do.  I wonder if that’s a bad thing? I’m hoping this changes sometime soon.  I hate this tossing and turning business.

I’m thinking about reading a “boring book” like it says to do to make yourself tired.  But I just don’t think that any of my books are boring.  Do people own boring books? Why would you buy a book that you think is boring? I have books that don’t interest me as much as others, but on the whole I don’t buy it if I think any part of it is boring…Aren’t books for enjoyment and entertainment purposes?

I’m trying to come up with some way to rearrange my bedroom and also design a custom closet to fit all my clothes and shoes, it would help with the overall clutter issue.  I remember when I got my IKEA TV storage unit I promised myself that I wouldn’t put anything on the top, and now I’m staring at it and there’s a candle, 2 christmas decorations, a scented stick thing, 2 christmas cards, a giant sparkley fake flower, a box of chocolate ducks from last easter, a microbe plus, and 3 snow globes.  I wish I had somewhere to store this stuff.  Looking at it up there makes me feel cluttered and dusty and maybe contributing to why I can’t sleep right now, notsomuch earlier.  I tried to organize the wall unit. There’s no hope for my future organization skills…or maybe they will evolve someday, I guess nobody really knows.

I think I’m going to go buy a boring book tomorrow. It’s 2:41am and I’m pretty sure I won’t sleep if I close my laptop and shut my eyes.  It feels like there’s some strange aura around me while I’m laying there.  Some like negative bubble that keeps my brain from shutting off. This could also be known as mental alertness which I don’t experience a lot because school sucks my neurons dry.  I guess that’s enough complaining for one too-early-morning.


Everything Conceivable

So, I have a short break before I start my summer research project. And by ‘short’, I really mean the longest break I’ve had since I started my university career excluding winter break.  In this time I wanted to get through some of the books that I’ve accumulated over the last three years.  I’ve got a bunch of different books but I decided to start reading Everything Conceivable by Liza Mundy.  I find the fertility research really interesting.  There’s all these different techniques and pharmaceuticals out there to help people that really want little babies running around.  I can 100% agree with this, I think it’s really cool, and I would even go as far as saying I’m seriously considering looking into how to get involved in that research.  This is kind of contradictory to my #1 desire to work on contraceptive research but that’s another story.

Fertilized Egg

I was reading just the first chapter of this book last night.  Well, I read the prologue, but I didn’t realize that until after the fact. Who reads the prologue? It’s an awful way to start a book.  It’s probably why some people don’t bother reading some books because the prologue is so boring. But again, that’s beside the point.  So, I’m reading the first chapter and Liza talks a lot about fertility conferences and workshops and things that are held, talking about sperm banks, egg banks, embryo freezing, and all that sort of stuff.  But here is the only part about this research/procedures that I disagree with: the fact that these people can choose the sex of their baby, they can choose to throw out an embryo if it’s not perfect or if it has any diseases that they just “don’t feel they can deal with”.  Isn’t that part of having a baby? I mean there are people out there who have babies with problems that they probably didn’t think they could handle but they didn’t just give the baby away after it was born…If these infertile people could have a baby naturally they wouldn’t have this choice? I mean, I’m not pro-life, I do believe there should be a choice in either having a baby or not based on planning and the stage of life you’re at.  But I am totally against this choosing whether or not to keep a specific embryo based on whether it’s going to be any harder to take care of.  I mean, women get pregnant and they have a baby growing inside of them and they test for disease…if that baby has a disease, the most these women (and families) can do is prepare for that, they don’t (usually) abort this 6 month old fetus or whatever.  Anyways, so maybe my view is a little strange. But I don’t think people should have that choice.  I mean, your baby could be born perfectly healthy, but that doesn’t mean a million things could take him/her away from you, a million unforeseen and unplanned things.

So, in my rage about that I was googling some science news stuff, and they are actually developing techniques of embryo transfer which could help to prevent maternally inherited disease – specifically on mitochondrial DNA.  The article is in real people english, not science english so read it: Embryo transfer technique could prevent maternally inherited diseases (ie. diabetes and deafness)