Monthly Archives: May 2010

I knew this would happen…

So, the departure of HT to Europe, and the beginning of my new exciting summer job plus a million other excuses that I could dream up have caused me to fail at keeping a blog. I knew this would happen for those reasons, as well as the known fact that I can’t keep these kind of “logs”. It’s just too weird. It also seems a little futile considering the people in my house are the only ones that read it and since they live with me they already know the deets.

So, English 1000…The first and definitely not last English class in my university career.  I have a full two pages of the titles and authors of every story I’m going to read in that course. TWO PAGES. At least it’s interesting stuff, the way these artsies pull apart and analyze literature.  The lectures are far from boring and I get to read “fun” things that aren’t science related without sacrificing school time.

On the front of my real studies though: I finally partitioned my hard drive and put Ubuntu on my laptop.  This will hopefully make my programming future easier.  Hopefully. I also loaded it on my ‘work’ computer so that my life could be easier.  They really do need to have like, a “how-to” book for linux though.  They can’t just go assuming us n00bs know how to do everything.  I just spent 2+ hours trying to install Protégé Ontology Editor on my damn laptop and it just hates me.  It’s installed (properly, duh) and everything but seriously it just doesn’t work.  I’m a n00b and the kids in my lab are pretty much ALL geniuses.  Makes me feel dumb.  But at least my worst enemy (who’s not actually at all my worst enemy in real life) helped me.  Progress is being made on the social front, people.  I have two dates this weekend, and one the following weekend.  Two of which are drinking gatherings.  Shocking.

Well if there is some random person in this universe that can help me with my Protégé problem of nothing showing up in the window when I create a new ontology, who also happens to be reading my blog (unlikely), then tell me how to fix it…preferably before I make a fool of myself at the lab tomorrow or the next day 🙂 THANKS