Everything Conceivable

So, I have a short break before I start my summer research project. And by ‘short’, I really mean the longest break I’ve had since I started my university career excluding winter break.  In this time I wanted to get through some of the books that I’ve accumulated over the last three years.  I’ve got a bunch of different books but I decided to start reading Everything Conceivable by Liza Mundy.  I find the fertility research really interesting.  There’s all these different techniques and pharmaceuticals out there to help people that really want little babies running around.  I can 100% agree with this, I think it’s really cool, and I would even go as far as saying I’m seriously considering looking into how to get involved in that research.  This is kind of contradictory to my #1 desire to work on contraceptive research but that’s another story.

Fertilized Egg

I was reading just the first chapter of this book last night.  Well, I read the prologue, but I didn’t realize that until after the fact. Who reads the prologue? It’s an awful way to start a book.  It’s probably why some people don’t bother reading some books because the prologue is so boring. But again, that’s beside the point.  So, I’m reading the first chapter and Liza talks a lot about fertility conferences and workshops and things that are held, talking about sperm banks, egg banks, embryo freezing, and all that sort of stuff.  But here is the only part about this research/procedures that I disagree with: the fact that these people can choose the sex of their baby, they can choose to throw out an embryo if it’s not perfect or if it has any diseases that they just “don’t feel they can deal with”.  Isn’t that part of having a baby? I mean there are people out there who have babies with problems that they probably didn’t think they could handle but they didn’t just give the baby away after it was born…If these infertile people could have a baby naturally they wouldn’t have this choice? I mean, I’m not pro-life, I do believe there should be a choice in either having a baby or not based on planning and the stage of life you’re at.  But I am totally against this choosing whether or not to keep a specific embryo based on whether it’s going to be any harder to take care of.  I mean, women get pregnant and they have a baby growing inside of them and they test for disease…if that baby has a disease, the most these women (and families) can do is prepare for that, they don’t (usually) abort this 6 month old fetus or whatever.  Anyways, so maybe my view is a little strange. But I don’t think people should have that choice.  I mean, your baby could be born perfectly healthy, but that doesn’t mean a million things could take him/her away from you, a million unforeseen and unplanned things.

So, in my rage about that I was googling some science news stuff, and they are actually developing techniques of embryo transfer which could help to prevent maternally inherited disease – specifically on mitochondrial DNA.  The article is in real people english, not science english so read it: Embryo transfer technique could prevent maternally inherited diseases (ie. diabetes and deafness)



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